Back to School Bash

Moving a child into college is one of those tough times that no one tells you about. A few people will tell you about the string of emotions that come with it and you can bawl your eyes out witnessing it in Toy Story 3. But there’s so much more to it than that moment you have to hug them and drive off. 

There are the unsuspecting logistics that need to be attended to. When is the actual move in date? When should we head to town? How long will it take to move in? Will they need help finding other things such as the closest bank, grocery store, gym etc? And if so, who can point us towards the best ones?  

It’s a crazy time when you’re releasing your baby into the world. The last thing on your mind should be worrying about where to stay while it’s all happening, because trust me, based off experience, you can not all pile into their already small dorm room amongst boxes and move in furniture. That’s why we’re here to help. 

For the month of August the Magnolia Plantation Bed and Breakfast will be offering a move in special. If you’re coming to Gainesville to move someone in to college, then you can receive a free night! Just stay 2 nights at regular price and then the 3rd night is on is. You’ll need those first 2 nights to work. That 3rd night can be your time to relax and take in everything that’s happened. 

Your Bed & Breakfast stay includes a full, hot breakfast every morning along with wine & snacks in the evening and daily service. 

As a bonus, you’ll be staying with proprietors that have helped stich the fabric of Gainesville the past 26 years and therefore know how to introduce it to you and your child, a new Gainesville resident themselves. They can give you all the best secrets. Most importantly, you’ll leave comforted knowing that even if you’re miles away, your child has a couple in town that are there if they need them. 

Joe & Cindy along with Gainesville residents, tour the Depot Park project, a downtown revival they’ve been a huge part of.

If you would like to book your 3 night stay-2 nights plus 1 night free-in any of our rooms or cottages for the month of August, call today! This offer must be booked over the phone but feel free to peruse the website first to get an idea of which accommodation of where you’d like to be. 

This stay will also come in handy down the road as we give first priority on graduation weekends to guest that have stayed with us before. 

Call today and we look forward to seeing you soon! 



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