Go Gators Special

There are a few truths around the Magnolia Plantation that never change.

There’s no such thing as too much wine.

Breakfast should always be served with a side of a good story.

And the Florida Gators will always be close to our hearts.

It’s near impossible to be in Gainesville and not feel the blessed Gator presence woven into everything this town is about. During football season, the heartbeat of the city beats to the time of the game clock.

But there’s a secret that only few realize and one we want to help others discover; Gainesville is even more charming during the spring. Flowers are in their full glory, art shows pop up all over the place and you better see the eclectic nature of this Central Florida gem.

The best part though? There are still TONS of Gators sports to immerse yourself in.

Book online and then show us your ticket to the sporting event when paying for your stay and you will receive a 10% discount! Keep reading for details!

Basketball, baseball, softball, gymnastics, tennis, the list goes on and one.

The Gators softball team is coming off back-to-back National Championships and with their sights set on a third.

The Gators gymnastics team? Yea they’ve already gotten their third straight championship and are about to start their search for the quadruple whammy.

The Gators baseball team was just recently named the preseason No. 1 team in the country and by visiting Gainesville, you can watch them start their journey at home on the road to Omaha.

Yes, there are so many options for Gainesville in the spring, and we hope you get to experience many of them. As a way of enticing you to our beloved city and just blatant homerism, we’re offing a “Go Gators Special” for the duration of winter and spring.

Attend any Gator sporting event during the week* (Sunday night through Thursday night) and save by staying at the Magnolia Plantation! Book online and then show us your ticket to the sporting event when paying for your stay and you will receive a 10% discount!

   *This does not apply to stays on Friday or Saturday night. If you stay on a Friday or Saturday night and attend a sporting event, show us the ticket and we will make sure to apply the 10% discount to any future weekday stay. 

We love our Gators and we love our guest, so let’s combine the two!

And seriously, who doesn’t want to come see this?





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