Inappropriate Reflections

A young couple were spending their honeymoon at the Inn, as do many. One night the young groom woke up in the middle of the night. They had fallen asleep with the fireplace on and so he got out of bed to turn the fireplace off like the a good boy scout. As he looked back to make sure he had not disturbed his bride, he was speechless with the beauty of what he saw. The room was aglow with the light of the fire and it cast a romantic shadow over his sleeping bride. Making sure she was covered, he grabbed his video camera and started scanning the room to add to his continuing chronicle of wedding videos. The next morning as he was walking around taking more pictures, he stopped to show me the beauty of their room the night before. As he was showing me his video, I, as calmly and as straight faced as I could manage, suggested that he check the room for mirrors before he starts filming, or at least put on a pair of PJ’s. The lesson to this story – never use a video camera naked….