Guest I have known and loved…ish

The first time I realized I was about to embark on a journey of “special” people was the first year we were open.  It was a football weekend, about 5 months after we had opened.  We only had 6 rooms and I realized I was having problems remembering everyone.  I did notice one older couple who, after I checked them in, went out to their car and came back in with a “I’m staying for a week Colman Cooler”.  That should have been my first clue that it was going to be a long weekend.  The next morning, as I was “fluffing” the guests rooms I noticed the folks who brought in the Cooler had 5 empty champagne bottles lined up against the wall.  Then as I was picking up various items off a side table I noticed a bag of oregano.  The bag was open and of course what else does one do when presented with a open baggie?  You smell it….nope, that is not oregano.  I yelled for Joe and explained, with much animation, my discovery.  He told me to try to replace everything back to the way I had found it and leave the room since it was obvious they did not expect us to come in.  I went about my business and as I was standing in the hall way a woman came in the back door and she was facing Joe but had her back to me.  She asked why we had changed the combination to the back door.  Joe said that we obviously had not changed the code since she had just gotten in.  She said that her and her husband came back very late and could not get in.  They went around the 1st floor banging on all the windows and finally found the kitchen window had a lose lock and her husband got a screw driver and was able to open it up. They crawled into the window and landed in the kitchen sink.   I was standing behind her pretending I was drinking and smoking a joint.  Poor Joe had such a hard time keeping a straight face.  I asked a friend who was a nurse if doctors didn’t prescribe marijuana for glaucoma.  Yes, my friend said but it would not be prescribed in a baggie….  I was trying to give these folks the benefit of the doubt. 


New Blog, Same Style

New Blog, Same Style

Hello Guest!

Welcome to our new shiny blog! This is separate from the old one but will still have everything you love about the orginal. From information on deals, to some strange humor and of course, tales of our adventures here at the Magnolia Plantation.

With this first post, I just wanted to show you all where you could find our new blog. Hopefully you followed us here from Facebook or Twitter which means I’m actually using them right.

You can also find a link to our website. There you can find more information on rooms and booking. Hopefully soon this blog will also be posted there to create a one stop shop for our guest. Until then, thank you for sticking with us. We love each and every one of our guest…some less than others 🙂